From faster production to a more efficient use of resources, automation is one of the most effective ways to scale your manufacturing business.

Not sure what automation would look like for your manufacturing operation? We can help. Our team of experts will be happy to identify the best automation opportunities available to you and walk you through our implementation strategy.

Machine Builds

Are you still spending money and employee power on manual tasks that could be done by a machine? We work with you to create a custom machine from the ground up. Our machine building process is overseen by licensed engineers to ensure a quality product that meets your exact requirements.

Machine Rebuilds

Do you have a machine that no longer performs as well as you'd like? Whether it's a matter of age, disrepair, outdated components, or your own evolving preferences, our expert team reimagines your equipment to better serve your needs. We completely rebuild your existing machinery to run like new, while incorporating the latest technology for added connectivity or data analytics.

Machine Integration

Perfect is possible. If you have a machine that's close to meeting your standards, we'll get it across the finish line. Whether you'd like remote diagnostics, ethernet connectivity, material handling added to simplify loading and unloading, or any other updated feature, Myer-Hall Machine Works has you covered.


Think robotics is only for the "big" companies? You might be surprised to discover how accessible this game-changing technology can be. With years of experience in evaluating the feasibility of robotic systems, our team will guide you through the possibilities and explore options for incorporating robotics into your automation systems.