Our engineering services are designed to empower you and your team to create your own machinery. We develop detailed plans based on your vision and give you all the guidance you need to keep machine building in-house.

Electrical Design

The electrical system is the brain of the machine; it's absolutely essential that your electrical design aligns with the purpose and functionality of your machine. Unfortunately, most external machine builders aren't capable or willing to follow any electrical system standards other than their own. That's where we're different. Our team maintains constant communication with your subject matter experts to ensure that the electronics we design meet your standards so you can utilize existing spare parts. We provide drawings to show exact wiring diagrams, panel layouts, and a detailed bill of materials. Your team will be ready to hit the ground running.

Mechanical Design

A poorly built machine will cost you more than just money. That's why we do everything possible to set you up for machine building excellence. All of our mechanical designs are constructed in 3D using Solidworks so you can see exactly what the end product should look likeā€”no need to decipher 2D drawings. In addition to creating the overall design, we provide detailed part drawings and a bill of materials so your team has everything they need to succeed.