As much as we love machine building, a new machine isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes one small change is all it takes to optimize your operations, and you can trust our team to find the fix that works for you. Myer-Hall’s engineers have been solving manufacturing challenges for a combined 40+ years, and we can help solve yours, too.

Industrial Machine Safety – Machine Risk Assessments

Safety is priority number one in manufacturing. To provide the safest possible workplace, you need a clear picture of the risks that come with your machinery. Our Certified Machinery Safety Experts are independently certified by TUV NORD and can provide an extensive Machine Risk Assessment to evaluate the risks associated with your equipment and establish the machine SIL rating.

Machine Efficiency Analysis

Is your machine meeting your expectations for productivity? Our team will conduct an evaluation to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your machinery and help you find the right solutions should your equipment fall short of your goals.


Is there a bottleneck in your production line? Nearly every production line suffers from at least one piece of equipment that runs slower or breaks down more than every other machine. We evaluate your specific bottlenecks and determine strategies for limiting or eliminating the problem.